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Why Facials?

Facials are often considered a luxury but they are actually a highly effective way to multi task relaxation with skincare. Facials are more important in skin care than most of us give them credit for. They relax the body, tighten pores, smooth lines,

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Regenerative Skin Care

Stem cells can be controversial in the science community. However, they serve a highly effective purpose in skin care. Stem cells from both plants and animals are what is called pluripotent, meaning they can differentiate into different types of cell

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Detox Your Skin

We all know that consuming anti oxidants helps to internally improve health, prevent cancer, and boost energy. Applying antioxidant rich substances to the skin has a similar effect on skins health and appearance. Topical applications of vitamin C, re

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Make Botox

Better Botox and injectable fillers like hyaluronic acids provide a smoother younger looking appearance immediately. Their results last a minimum of six months and can last up to one year. However, injections may not completely smooth and soften ever

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  • Refreshed Lips: Essential oil plumping and healing treatment
  • Sea Weed Detox: Sea weed collagen to firm and repair sagging skin
  • Peptide Filler: Diamond powder and peptide blend plumps and volumizes
  • Reservatrol Boost: Pure Malbec reservatrol fights free radicals and purifies
  • Royal Bee Jelly Eye Contour: Lavender and royal jelly lift, brighten and soothe tired eyes
  • Neck and Decollete: Intensive lifting and plumping treatment, collagen rich peptide blend takes years off the neck and chest
  • LED Light: Soothing LED light to fight aging signs
  • Snake Venom: Clinical results at the salon. Hyaluronic acid and pure venom compound lift and firm beyond belief
  • Caviar: Pure caviar extract nourishes cells and richly moisturizes delicate skin

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