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Le Visage goes beyond ordinary skin care to deliver the promise of infinite luxury and the highest quality results for the skin. We seek to transform the skin using products and treatments crafted with the ultimate Swiss Biotechnology. Every treatment we carry provides the most effective solution to skin concerns from the most sophisticated to the most basic. We pride ourselves on our creative incorporation of the most luxurious and potent ingredients available on earth. At Le Visage, we know the skin well and our greatest joy is bringing excellence and ageless beauty to those who expect it.

Defy Gravity

Using the latest and most advanced Swiss Biotechnology, Le Visage's team of experts customize the optimal treatment to repair your skin's signs of aging and daily environmental damages We invite you to witness the future of Anti-Aging, as gravity ceases to effect your skin and time reverses right before your eyes

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Collagen Enhancement Treatment

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Swiss Micro Dermabrasion

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Alpine Oxygen Treatment

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Botox Parties

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  • Refreshed Lips: Essential oil plumping and healing treatment
  • Sea Weed Detox: Sea weed collagen to firm and repair sagging skin
  • Peptide Filler: Diamond powder and peptide blend plumps and volumizes
  • Reservatrol Boost: Pure Malbec reservatrol fights free radicals and purifies
  • Royal Bee Jelly Eye Contour: Lavender and royal jelly lift, brighten and soothe tired eyes
  • Neck and Decollete: Intensive lifting and plumping treatment, collagen rich peptide blend takes years off the neck and chest
  • LED Light: Soothing LED light to fight aging signs
  • Snake Venom: Clinical results at the salon. Hyaluronic acid and pure venom compound lift and firm beyond belief
  • Caviar: Pure caviar extract nourishes cells and richly moisturizes delicate skin

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